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Nous serons sérieuses de la manière la plus joyeuse

Anna Raimondo

21.03. - 20.04.2017

        Residence from 6 to 20 March
        Opening, Tuesday 21 March at 6.30pm
        Exhibition from 21 March to 20 April 2017

The title of the exhibition by Anna Raimondo refers to an excerpt from the Spanish philosopher Maria Zambrano, "Nous serons heureux de la manière la plus joyeuse" (We will be happy in the most joyful way), with the female form of the plural.
Such as a slogan, a phrase of encouragement, the artist starts from this expression to explore the feminine condition, mobile and fluctuating, personal and plural at the same time, the subject of a constant state of alert in the private as well as in the public space. By linking her works Anna Raimondo challenges and questions the potential of silence and expression as a space of resistance and renegotiation of meaning.
What does it mean to be serious and to be together today? Through proposals that invite to participate this exhibition will open a space to de-construct and re-formulate the term "woman" in the plural form.