Emotional Lands
The exhibition Emotional Lands, curated by Achraf Remok and Elisabeth Piskernik in collaboration with philomena+ Vienna, explores the complexity of human emotions in a rapidly changing world. What experiences trigger feelings? What causes our feelings to change? The artists Maria Hanl (Vienna) and Ziad Naitaddi (Salé) explore these questions and look at the topic of …
01.03 - 17.04.24
Comment remplir l'espace qui se crée entre nous ? concept : Maria Hanl, photos : Maria Hanl, Ziad Naitaddi, 2024
Marion Mounic
This residency follows on from a research residency at Le Cube in 2021. In connection with her work, visual artist Marion Mounic is exploring the ambiguities that make up the closely related gestures of making and cooking food. Through her work, she aims to gain a holistic understanding of the sources and anchor points of …
16.10 - 16.11.23
Le Cube – independent art room
Le Cube – independent art room is a space of exhibition, residence and research that is centered on contemporary artistic practices. Its approach revolves around projects that raise social, cultural and political questionings and supports proposals that review History and narratives. In this dynamic, Le Cube designs and develops a vast program of exhibitions that link …
Les Palmiers Fatigués, Christian Kosmas Mayer, 2022

Le Cube - independent art room

Le Cube – independent art room is an art center based in Rabat. Its programming connects the field of contemporary arts to that of research by setting up exhibitions, residencies and events focused on transversal practices that question our contexts and societies.

The library of Le Cube - independent art room, more than six hundred works in free access.

The documentation of fifteen years of projects made available to everyone.

In order to link contemporary artistic practices to research, all documents, texts, photographs, videos and leaflets produced during our exhibitions, residences and events are available at Le Cube – independent art room.

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