Faire inversion
“Distract certain architectural elements from the greater whole. Render them their intrinsic property through a process of separation from the material. Utilize their quality as a semi-permeable divider. Play with their often openwork structure, allowing the eye to pass through them, and to let the framed and fantasized image on the “other side” take shape, …
28.10 - 28.01.22
open studio
For the open studio, which concludes the residence hors les murs at Le Cube, Ziad Naitaddi presents the three parts of his photographic project Withered green, thrived red. This work deals with migration and identity through the prism of an inner and outer transformation. In Prologue, the artist addresses the feeling of exile of the …
16.09 - 30.09.21
Marion Mounic
This residency at Le Cube independent art room is an opportunity for Marion Mounic to extend her comprehension and embracing of the Moroccan culture. In Rabat, the artist wishes to capture the different aspects that constitute it, through her daily practices and common places where culture and tradition are intertwined. Through future encounters and new …
01.10 - 31.10.21
Marion Mounic, Teh le bled mixed média, 2017 Vue de l’exposition L’internationale, Haute école des arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, 2017 Crédit photo : Cyril Boixel

Le Cube - independent art room

Le Cube – independent art room is an art center based in Rabat. Its programming connects the field of contemporary arts to that of research by setting up exhibitions, residencies and events focused on transversal practices that question our contexts and societies.

The library of Le Cube - independent art room, more than six hundred works in free access.

The documentation of fifteen years of projects made available to everyone.

In order to link contemporary artistic practices to research, all documents, texts, photographs, videos and leaflets produced during our exhibitions, residences and events are available at Le Cube – independent art room.

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