travelling narratives
Micro-stories are numerous and exist in various geographical areas. Those collective and social stories, of the past and present, are extremely important in North African countries. However, as it is centered on tangible productions, the hierarchization of cultures has led to the negation or folklorization of these intangible heritages; and at the same time, the …
01.09 - 30.06.19
travelling narratives, programme d'art et de recherche initié par Le Cube - independent art room qui invite les artistes contemporain du Maroc, Algérie, Mauritanie, Libye et Egypte, de créeer des oeuvres qui créent des utopies collectives à partir des micro-histoires
The Green Book
The Green Book is an exhibition highlighting and documenting the changes in the social fabric of Libya, throughout the years. The proposal by Libyan artist and founder of WaraQ art foundation, Tewa Bernosa, comes as a result of an open call for artists to research quotes from the Green Book. In 1975, Muammer Ghaddafi writes …
14.02 - 29.03.19
The Green Book, exposition de jeunes artistes contemporains de la Libye, curaté par Tewa Bernosa pour WaraQ art foundation
Arab Artists: Studio Residency in Switzerland. Swiss Artists: Studio Residency in the Arab region (Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco) Le Cube – independent art room is very pleased to collaborate with Pro Helvetia Cairo in order to set up a program of research and creation residencies. In this purpose, Pro Helvetia Cairo invites artists, performers, curators and researchers from …
19.12 - 01.03.19
Pro Helvetia Cairo, appel à candidature pour des résidences d'artistes et de commissaire d'exposition au Maroc, Liban, Tunisie, Egypte et Suisse

Le Cube - independent art room

Le Cube – independent art room is an art center based in Rabat. Its programming connects the field of contemporary arts to that of research by setting up exhibitions, residencies and events focused on transversal practices that question our contexts and societies.

The library of Le Cube - independent art room, more than six hundred works in free access.

The documentation of more than thirteen years of projects made available to all.

In order to link contemporary artistic practices to research, all documents, texts, photographs, videos and leaflets produced during our exhibitions, residences and events are available at Le Cube – independent art room.

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