Conceived and designed by Bouchra Salih, État d’Urgence d’Instants Poétiques* is a call to reconcile art and nature, to revisit creation outside the walls and to question the connection between the artwork, space and the audience. In this dynamic, the project temporarily transforms the Botanical Garden of Rabat into a space of creation in situ, …
07.11 - 04.12.20
Etat d'Urgence d'Instant Poétique art contemporain espace public Rabat (1)
Loutfi Souidi
On the occasion of the summer’s lab, Le Cube – independent art room is pleased to invite Loutfi Souidi to carry out a month-long research residency. As part of his residence, Loutfi Souidi wishes to develop a new project, “Oqouba”, that focuses on notions of punishment, learning, repetition and destiny. By taking as a starting …
28.09 - 15.11.20
Loutfi Souidi, résidence artistique summers lab art contemporain maroc
Surgir des cendres
Abdessamad El Montassir is a bearer of stories and his backdrop is the Sahara: he tells the desert, unfettered, with the freedom of hypothesis. His work is a research, an investigation into something that escapes us. He gives forms to silences and a texture to mutism. Because El Montassir is a historian without archives, an …
09.10 - 05.12.20
Abdessamad El Montassir, Surgir des cendres, vue de l'exposition pour la Biennale Chronique à Aix Marseille sahara maroc arts contemporains

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Le Cube – independent art room is an art center based in Rabat. Its programming connects the field of contemporary arts to that of research by setting up exhibitions, residencies and events focused on transversal practices that question our contexts and societies.

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In order to link contemporary artistic practices to research, all documents, texts, photographs, videos and leaflets produced during our exhibitions, residences and events are available at Le Cube – independent art room.

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