Archive(s) Sensible(s)
As a starting point of this exhibition, a definition. That of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida: the archive is a “social object that shapes the present, the past and the future”. The dynamics of the exhibition Archive(s) sensible(s) are rooted in Derrida’s definition, as well as in the many current issues related to the construction …
18.02 - 26.03.21
Ziad Naitaddi
During his residency hors les murs, Ziad Naitaddi wishes to produce one of the three parts of his latest photographic work Withered green, thrived red. A work that approaches migration and identity through the prism of internal and external transformation. As a first step, the artist is working on Prologue, a project that addresses the …
25.01 - 30.06.21

Le Cube - independent art room

Le Cube – independent art room is an art center based in Rabat. Its programming connects the field of contemporary arts to that of research by setting up exhibitions, residencies and events focused on transversal practices that question our contexts and societies.

The library of Le Cube - independent art room, more than six hundred works in free access.

The documentation of fifteen years of projects made available to everyone.

In order to link contemporary artistic practices to research, all documents, texts, photographs, videos and leaflets produced during our exhibitions, residences and events are available at Le Cube – independent art room.

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